Queen Victoria’s Funeral

On February 2nd, 1901, Queen Victoria’s funeral takes place in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, England.

She reigned for 63 years and 7 months and during that reign witnessed a massive expansion of the British empire under her that was marked with conquests, invasions and battles. 

Under her tenure the Empire found itself involved in the following wars!

1857-58 The Indian Rebellion

1873–74 Third Anglo-Ashanti War 

1878–80 Second Anglo-Afghan War

1879 Anglo-Zulu War 

1880–81 First South African War

1882 Anglo-Egyptian War

1885 Third Anglo-Burmese War

1895–96 Fourth Anglo-Ashanti War

1899–1902 Second South African War

1900 Fifth Anglo-Ashanti War

These wars too the forces involved into Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, India and Africa!

Quite a record.

Thanks for reading.


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